DOCUMENT Comparison challenge: A review of the document comparison tools

Published: September, 2014

Creative Growth Mindset Technologies conducted a review of the most popular document comparison tools. 'Compare the Comparison' Challenge was conducted to provide our customer-base a detailed review of the comparison products currently on the market. The focus of the event was to test each comparison product to determine how well each performed against very complex documents specifically created with challenging document elements and well known problem areas which have a long history of resulting in incorrect comparison reporting.

technical RESOURCES

white paper: 

Technical Details for Document Comparison Products

Published: September, 2014

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This document is a supplement to the ‘Compare the Comparison’ Challenge white paper. The supplement provides the technical details report on the results of the challenge and real time examples of how well each product performed. The results are for illustration purposes only and are geared toward helping potential customers determine the value-add of each product when determining their business comparison needs.


A look into PDF documents

Published: August, 2014

This paper is aimed to draw attention to the fact that there are underlying problems with the portable document format (PDF).  In particular, the importance of how each document is created.  Not all PDF document are created equally.  It is important to understand the differences and how the documents are created and the unique properties are impacted during everyday and future use.